Welcome to ABN Aero, the premier aviation and aeronautics instruction center in the heart of Russia! From novice to expert, ABN Aero offers all aviation enthusiasts an exciting and rare opportunity to meet, learn from, and fly with, some of the world’s most accomplished flight instructors. Here are just a few of the benefits we offer that few other do:

  • Flight instructors: Our instructors are some of the most accomplished pilots anywhere. Many are military and airforce pilots, including the chief instructors of the Air Force Academy, Yu. A. Gagarina and N. E. Zhukovskiy. Among the members of the AUTS are military pilots and navigators, Champions of Peace Aerobatic pilots, Instructors of Leading Russian Aviation VUZ (Institute for Higher Education), civil aviation instructors, Airforce and DOSAAF (All-Union society for Assistance to the Army, Air Force, and Navy) of Russia.
  • Aircraft fleet: To succeed in flight instruction, you want a facility that offers real access to different types of aircraft for your benefit. Here at ABN Aero you will find our fleet of aircraft including Single Engine (SkyLeader 500, Cessna 152, Cessna 172S G1000 equipped, Piper Arrow), Multiengine (Piper Aztec), Multiengine Jets (Hawker 700, Hawker 800), Sea Plane (Lake 50).
  • Location: There is no better way to obtain your flight instruction than in the scenic and environmentally vibrant landscape at the heart of Russia. ABN Aero offers a scenic backdrop against which you will train, including our unparalleled forests and rivers. Whether you are local to the region or touring through as part of a greater travel itinerary, you will find ABN Aero is a convenient travel destination in Moscow, Russia, a leading destination city for tourism. You can spend the day at our once-in-a-lifetime flight instruction facilities, and enjoy the evening taking in all of the culture and nightlife Russia’s capital city has to offer.
  • Convenience: We know that you will most enjoy and learn from your experiences at ABN Aero when you are relaxed and well-rested. That is why you will enjoy the advantage of hotels located around of Novinki Airfield (UUDN)
  • Cost Savings: By completing your instruction with ABN Aero , costs of full training can be drastically reduced for pilots as compared to other methods of training.

Once you take the time to learn about ABN Aero, and how its flight instructors and aviation facility is unequalled in terms of skill and expertise, you will understand why ABN Aero is a “CAN’T MISS”.

What to Expect:

Instruction at ABN Aero will provide you the knowledge and skills necessary to independently prepare your aircraft for flight, calculate required fuel and takeoff runway length, prepare a flight map and obtain take-off clearance. We provide high-quality, theoretical instruction for amateur and sport pilots. Whether you are a beginner or a pilot already having your pilot’s certificates, ABN Aero will provide you the necessary additional knowledge required to pass the KPK. Theoretical Instruction is conducted in our fully-equipped training classed in Moscow, conveniently located next to the “new Cheremishki” metro station. The course of lectures covers 11 disciplines with a total volume of 152 hours. Pilot flight training is conducted in the aviation training centers of civil aviation (AUTS) and the Aero clubs of DOSAAF of Russia on an paid-hourly basis. Flight training for an amateur pilot in the AUTS is 42 hours. For a sports pilot, training is 33 and 1/3 hours at the DOSAAF of Russia, with the export program (time to first solo flight) 12 and ½ hours. These hourly standards are legislatively mandated. Flight training without a strong theoretical knowledge base increases costly air training hours by 20 or 30 hours bringing the total to 80-100 hours of costly flight training. This is a heavy and costly burden placed on the trainees. By obtaining a strong knowledge base in our facilities, you save valuable time and receive better preparation to make efficient use of your flight training. With the mean cost of one flying hour being 12000 rubles (for the Yak-18T), the cost of flight training with other instruction methods can vary from 504 thousand to 960 thousand rubles, and more. By receiving your instruction at ABN Aero, for a cost of only 27 thousand to 800 thousand rubles, you will be able to pass instruction and subsequent testing for the amateur and sports pilot. Our motto is: “SUCCESS IN THE AIR IS FORGED ON THE EARTH”. The quality of our teaching staff and our individual approach and dedication to the success of each trainee will help you to achieve great success, both on the earth and in the air. We look forward to receiving you at ABN AERO!

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